5 Facts About Today’s full Corn Moon

Dramatic photo illustration of a nighttime sky with brightly lit clouds and large, full, Blue Moon would make a great background.

1. The full moon rises just after sunset this evening.

2. It’s called the Corn Moon because it corresponds with the time corn is harvested in the Northeast.

It’s also sometimes called the Barley Moon for the same reason.

3. Moon names often come from Native American traditions.

Corn Moon came from the Algonquin people along the Atlantic coast.

4. Other tribes had other names for this month’s moon.

For instance, the Omaha people called it Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth.

5. The Harvest Moon will be in October this year.

The full moon that occurs nearest the first day of fall takes on the name Harvest Moon. That’ll be the one on Oct. 1.

Source: almanac.com

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