5 Favorite Picnic Foods


1. Burgers and dogs

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Let’s start with what makes good picnic food. 1. Foods that travel easily. 2. That you can eat with your fingers. If you have a grill by that picnic table, fire it up for some good ol’ tradition burgers and dogs. Plop em in a bun + your favorite condiments = picnic perfection.

2. Fried chicken legs

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Want pre-prepared goodies? Cook those chicken legs and store them in a cooler until dinner time. An even easier solution? Buy them from your favorite chicken place on the way to your picnic site!

3. Fresh fruit and veggies

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It’s probably a little too early for watermelon, but some chilled fruits and cut-up vegetables add flavor and nutrition to any picnic. Pick up the veggies from a local farmers market.

4. A submarine sandwich

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Stack your favorite sandwich fillings onto hoagie buns or a baguette before you leave home. Or stop and buy from Frussies Deli for the ultimate fresh bread experience.

5. Brownies for dessert

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What could be a sweeter ending for an easy picnic than chocolate brownies? No forks necessary—or even plates! If you are baking challenged, we recommend the iced brownies from Rita’s Bakery.

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