5 Favorite Picnic Foods


1. Burgers and dogs

Let’s start with what makes good picnic food. 1. Foods that travel easily. 2. That you can eat with your fingers. If you have a grill by that picnic table, fire it up for some good ol’ tradition burgers and dogs. Plop em in a bun + your favorite condiments = picnic perfection.

2. Fried chicken legs

Want pre-prepared goodies? Cook those chicken legs and store them in a cooler until dinner time. An even easier solution? Buy them from your favorite chicken place on the way to your picnic site!

3. Fresh fruit and veggies

It’s probably a little too early for watermelon, but some chilled fruits and cut-up vegetables add flavor and nutrition to any picnic. Pick up the veggies from a local farmers market.

4. A submarine sandwich

Stack your favorite sandwich fillings onto hoagie buns or a baguette before you leave home. Or stop and buy from Frussies Deli for the ultimate fresh bread experience.

5. Brownies for dessert

What could be a sweeter ending for an easy picnic than chocolate brownies? No forks necessary—or even plates! If you are baking challenged, we recommend the iced brownies from Rita’s Bakery.

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