5 Guidelines for Trick-or-Treating This Year


The Knox County Health Department offers these recommendations for trick-or-treating safely this year:

1. Wear a face covering, not a costume mask.

A costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth face covering and wearing one in addition to a cloth face covering is not recommended.

2. Refrain from having children select their own treats from a bowl/container.

Consider alternatives for contactless candy distribution like using a “grabber” tool or placing treats in individual baggies and placing them in an easy-to-grab location.

3. Avoid handmade goodies.

Avoid homemade treats and only distribute, and/or allow children to eat, factory-wrapped treats.

4. Use hand sanitizer along the way.

Consider wiping all candy wrappers with sanitizing wipes upon arriving home and wash hands before and after eating candy/treats.

5. Avoid large groups of trick-or-treaters.

Consider making it family time this year, or just gather with a small group of friends.

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