5 New Dog Parks Coming Soon


1. Thanks to a grant program by the Boyd Family Foundation, our pooches will have new places to run.

The Knox County Parks and Recreation Department plans to build five new dog parks within the next couple of years. This is due to a contest and grant program funded by the Boyd Family Foundation.

2. The winning communities of Corryton/Gibbs, New Harvest, Karns, Powell and Halls.

The City of Knoxville is also expected to have 5 new dog parks.

3. The proposal was designed to make Knox County No. 1 in dog parks per capita in the nation.

The county is ranked No. 29 currently.

4. Under the terms of the grant, the parks must be complete within two years.

But officials expect them to open sooner than that.

5. The foundation plans to set aside $50,000 for each park.

Knox County will cover the rest.

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