5 Facts About National Take the Stairs Day


1. National Take the Stairs Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday in January — today!

The primary goal of the day is to improve our health by leaving the elevator behind and walking up the stairs.

2. Why should it matter?

Walking up and down stairs, instead of using the elevator or escalator, is a non-impact activity that most of us can do. It helps us tone our muscles, maintain or even lose weight, and contribute to cardio-vascular health.

3. It has real impact on calories burned.

A 160 pound person who climbs for 3 minutes expends approximately 30 calories.

4. Take the Stairs Day was first celebrated in 2016.

It was likely created by one of a couple of organized stair running groups.

5. Most smartphones have an app that counts stairs.

Ascend is one of them on the iPhone, but search your AppStore for more.

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  1. Mark Trahanovsky says

    Hi Susan ,
    Thanks for mentioning about Take The Stairs Day and I am the creator of that day . I was a competitive record setting stair climber and know the benefits of taking the stairs.
    Mark T. in CA

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