5 Ways to Keep Your Resolutions Going


We’re almost halfway through January, and for many people who made New Year’s resolutions, it’s getting tougher to stick to them. Here are five tips to help keep us going.

1. If you feel your will slipping, set a smaller goal.

Can’t eat healthfully every meal and feel like throwing in the towel? Try adjusting your goal to eating a good breakfast. Once you’ve mastered that, add on something else.

2. Make your goals measurable.

Don’t say you want to exercise more. Say you want to walk 35 minutes a day five days a week. Make sure your goal is manageable, too.

3. Write things down.

Often journaling what you eat or how much you smoke will help you see and control the habits you want to change.

4. Ask for help.

If you’re struggling to turn a new behavior into a habit, ask someone for support: a walking buddy, a financial partner, etc.

5. Make sure you’re doing it for YOU.

Trying to change a behavior for someone else is a recipe for failure. Make a change if it’s important to you.

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