5 Ways to Help Wild Birds


Chilly temps are around the corner, and that means challenges to our feathered friends. Here are five easy ways to help them.

1. Don’t tidy up the garden too much.

Birds will eat seeds and berries from the remains of your summer garden. Leave perennials standing.

2. Provide some shelter from the cold.

Shrubs, tall grasses and other protected areas help provide windbreaks and coverage when the weather gets nasty.

3. Put out some seed.

Tube feeders do a good job of protecting seed from moisture, but also sprinkle some around for ground feeders.

4. Add some high energy food.

Just like the rest of us, birds need some protein and fat when they’re battling the elements. Consider offering some suet, peanut butter or meat scraps.

5. Birds get thirsty too!

Offer some fresh, clean water is a shallow dish for winter sipping.

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