5 Ways to Improve a Work Week

six cups with the words of days of the week and drawn faces

Does it feel like some weeks have three Mondays? Here are some tips for getting through a challenging week of work.

1. Get some sleep

A good sleep is proven to lower stress levels, so treat yourself to eight hours.

2. Move!

When you’re in the dumps, it helps to get up and do something active. Take a brisk walk. Head to the gym. Guaranteed to make you feel better.

3. Call a friend.

Need a sympathetic ear to let off some steam to? Call a friend — or your mom.

4. Plan a fun weekend.

Looking forward to something fun is a good way to get through a tough week.

5. Consider a MHD.

Sometimes a Mental Health Day will recharge our batteries better than anything. Just don’t spend it checking your email or phone messages. Really get away.

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