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A Marbled Masterpiece

A winter’s feast by Chef Danny Wilhoit at the Avalon Country Club The Avalon Country Club has relaunched T-Prime Steak & Seafood, the formal dining room in the clubhouse, which is nestled in the Avalon subdivision off Hickory Creek Road, just west of the Watt Road exit. T-Prime is open for dinner on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, along with Sunday brunch. A patio area outside the dining room looks out over the golf course. The 13-table dining room—with dark wood booths, banquettes along the walls, and a tray

Authentic Appalachia

Jeff Carter, the original Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro chef, has returned to his roots Before anything else, make a note to visit the Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro in Townsend and order Executive Chef Jeff Carter’s North Carolina Rainbow Trout and Grits. A cornmeal-dusted trout is served atop creamy grits, Conecuh Sausage from Evergreen, Alabama, gulf shrimp, crayfish, and preserved tomatoes in an irresistible presentation. The trout is crunchy with a savory fresh-caught flavor. “It’s a take on the original Dancing

Sim Por Favor

At Brazeiros, fine dining meets a Brazilian tradition of generous offerings of carne If you get movie star treatment from owner Vilmar Zenzen at Brazeiros in Bearden, it’s because he’s had practice. After he launched a churrascaria-style Brazilian steakhouse in Beverly Hills, Zenzen’s regulars included Brad Pitt, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio and the star’s then-girlfriend Gisele Bündchen. Like Bündchen, Zenzen is a Brazilian of German ancestry from the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, where

Céad Míle Fáilte

Finn’s Restaurant & Tavern makes diners feel at home—even with the ghost With his light green eyes, close-cropped red hair and tall, trim frame, owner Jon Ferrie of Finn’s Restaurant & Tavern could fit easily into a Colin Farrell/Ralph Fiennes movie, though Ferrie would be the good guy who takes care of everybody, keeps the other guys from quarreling, and makes everything better with a hearty meal of, say, Irish Cottage Pie or Corned Beef and Cabbage. With an Irish twinkle in his eye, Ferrie creates the

Good Vibes & Libations

Maryville’s Diamondjack Wine Bar evokes the spirit of speakeasies past    Tucked into a two-bedroom Craftsman house on the edge of downtown Maryville, Diamondjack Wine Bar combines the intimacy of its interior design, the bonhomie of owners Micah and Rachel Talley, and the passion of sommelier/mixologist Dylan Hayes. “It’s a happy place,” says Micah. Micah had a crush on Rachel Moore starting in third grade at Foothills Elementary School. “I’d get in trouble for chasing her on the playground,” he says. They


Vida brings chic flavors and presentation downtown Stepping into Vida, Knoxville’s new Pan-Latin restaurant on Gay Street, it’s hard not be impressed. Owners Jim and Lori Klonaris, who have been working the restaurant lane for the last 25 years, have transformed the bottom level of the Holston Building into a high-end dining experience. All of the Klonaris’ undertakings have been well-received, from Kalamata Kitchen in the early years to their more recent ventures in Café 4 and Kefi, and it was clear upon visiting that

Sunspot: Eclectic Meets Delicious

Sunspot delights both veggie and carnie crowds Why does a place known for its salads and vegetarian offerings have so many customers who come in specifically for what they insist is one of the best burgers in town? “Well,” answers Sunspot manager Jeff Breedlove, “we make our own grill seasoning. And we use local ground beef. Along with the grass-fed beef from Simpson Farms.” It’s unfailingly juicy and tasty, with a combination of flavors deriving from the mayo, mustard, house pickles, tomato, onion, arugula and cheddar

Taking stock

Seasons Innovative Bar & Grille chef pays attention to the details A formative moment in Deron Little’s development as a chef came on Page One of the 923-page Escoffier Cookbook. Under the heading “Basic Principles of Cookery,” M. Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935) wrote, “Indeed, stock is everything in cooking, at least in French cooking. Without it, nothing can be done. If one’s stock is good, what remains of the work is easy; if, on the other hand, it is bad or merely mediocre, it is quite hopeless to expect anything

Steaks & Style

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar offers a premium dining experience The Prime Tomahawk specialty cut makes a bold statement when it appears at your table. Where other steakhouses may offer prime rib cuts with the bone in, this one comes with 16 inches of rib protruding from a juicy 35-ounce, inch-and-a-half-thick cut, making it resemble a tomahawk (hence the name). Cooked medium rare, it sated three carnivorous diners and later made a canine at home wonder what he had done right. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

Neighborhood Spirit

Cazzy’s Corner Grill brings a lively take on classic American cuisine to Northshore Town Center Before the pandemic shutdown, Cazzy’s didn’t do much take-out. Rather, it made its name on relaxed business lunches, as an after-work watering hole, and as a comfortable hangout for Northshore Elementary School families. (It was named for the original owner’s daughter.) But in the weeks when the dining room was closed, “We had crazy to-go business,” says Kitchen Manager Annie Fletcher. “It’s what’s kept us alive.” Something