December Week 1


Check In:

It has taken a minute to get back in gear from the holiday.  Learning not to let extraneous events distract from my plan has proven a little challenging, but as of 6 AM on Tuesday, December 3, I am back on track and on the treadmill for my early cardio. I plan to be at D1 Training with Devin three times this week. I definitely feel better, but the pounds are not coming off like I would like, so beginning today I will be on a strict Keto diet until I see 190 lbs. on the scale. I saw a 4-pound drop for a few days, but then right back up to 207. It’s disappointing, but I’m still happy with the improvement in my posture and my attitude. 

This week I am going to explore some additional cardio options. The performance lab inside of the west location of Eddie’s Health Shoppe has a zero-gravity treadmill. I haven’t been able to really run in years due to my knees and this may help me rebuild. I have seen some recent improvement after getting stem cell injections in both knees at Optimal Health in Farragut. I am hopeful this is rebuilding my cartilage and will post before and after X-rays soon. 

This week I will also be at Core Change for a class and at Optimal Health to try out the Ultra Slim program, which aids in cell detoxification. If time permits, I am going to check out various cryotherapy options. 

Time to get Lifted!

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