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Introducing several of Knoxville’s finest, we’re proud to include them in our People Section.

As parents, we have great expectations for our children. We work to prepare them to become men and women of character and productive members of society.  During this journey we have opportunities to rejoice in their accomplishments and applaud their every success.  And, even though we may suspect they are destined for greatness, it may be too early in their development to quantify how much greatness lies within them. They grow. They mature. And, then they show us.

This is the case with our son, Aaron. As he developed we saw that he was very intelligent, which his mother is quick to say he gets from her. We recognized he had a kind heart and a gentle nature.  We observed he had an uncanny way of connecting with people on so many different levels. And, we took pride in his work ethic where, again, his mother takes the credit.  What we couldn’t see or know during those formative years was just how smart, caring, relatable and hard working he would become. And, then he showed us.

Like so many other amazing men and women in our area, Aaron is among a group of extremely gifted people who have chosen to lead instead of follow, to challenge their limits and elude any suspected influence of mediocrity.  These are the servants, champions, leaders, and innovators who help to make our area a vibrant, dynamic community in which to raise a family, work, live, play, and otherwise call home. It is no one person, but rather, a group of people banded together by drive, vision, and sometimes sheer determination, who collectively contribute to and enhance the cultural and financial well-being of our community.   

There is a myriad of such stories to choose among, and that always creates difficulty in selecting who we feature. Our community is blessed to have a plethora of people who have achieved positions of greatness atop their industry or sport.  It is their dedication and commitment to excellence that has made Knoxville what it is and it is how we will continually improve our community. Celebrated for their talents and service, we are honored to present this year’s sampling of those individuals in our People Section. 

The Fervent Fundraiser: Aaron Richardson

Baroness of Business: Julie Blaylock

Queen of Clutch: Patricia Nash

Shining Cookie Couple: Mike and Robin Maddux

Leader of the Blue: Eve Thomas

The Magazine Mogul: William S. Rukeyser

Equine Extraordinaire: Reagan Campbell

Enforcer of Fair Play: John Wright

The Grateful Servant: Jerry Askew

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