Foxy Locks Pet Grooming & Doggie Daycare


Groomed to a Higher Standard

It’s obvious that Cristen Bowker is enjoying Foxy Locks, her pet grooming and doggie daycare business in West Knoxville. Cityview readers also approve: they’ve voted Foxy Locks number one in Pet Grooming for two years in a row.

The business, located in the Market Place shopping center at 9309 Kingston Pike, offers full-service baths and grooms for dogs and cats, creative grooming, a la carte services and doggie day care. Training classes are on the menu for 2019.

“Most of our business is by referral,” Bowker says. “We have amazing clients. All of our staff has experience with all different breeds of animals ranging from small animals to the typical dog and cat. If it walks in the door, we’ll do our very best to groom it. We even have a hamster that comes in to see us. We love them all!

“The Cityview award is such an honor,” she says. “Knowing that everyone took the time to vote for 50 businesses just to vote for us is overwhelming. Last year we were completely blown away with our win, especially since we had only been open for 11 months. We cannot express our gratitude enough with our win again this year; the support is beyond amazing. It tells me we’re on the right path and we will continue to keep bringing you the best we can. We should all be held to a higher standard.”

Bowker says ‘foxy locks’ is a term of endearment for redheads and with the good majority of her family being redheads, thought it was an appropriate name for the business.

“The fox theme has become quite the hit all around. Our customers have even started bringing us fox things from artwork, figurines, to even fox socks. We actually had a client paint a painting of our fox logo for us. It’s amazing!

“From our staff to our clients, we are family here. That’s a big thing for us and we pride ourselves in being close knit and we strive to have our clients feel the same when they walk in the door. We want them to feel like family and that they have a place they belong.

“All our daycare staff members have a background in boarding or vet clinic experience and undergo a 16-hour training program once they are hired. Dogs are placed together based on temperament and size and enjoy both indoor and outdoor play areas. We even have a rest area where they get to play puzzle games to provide mental stimulation during their down time. Our staff plays games with them for both physical and mental exercise to provide well-rounded play and healthy exhaustion.”

Bowker says she and her sister always had pets growing up and couldn’t imagine life without them. She has wanted to open up an animal shelter since she was 10 years old before being introduced to grooming almost 18 years ago. Since then she has found her creative passion and even competes with her poodle, Paris, who has become the mascot for the company.

“Foxy Locks is here to give every pet that enters through our door the love and tender care it truly deserves,” Bowker says. “All our groomers are members of the National Dog Groomers Association of America and are CPR and First Aid certified. I’m a firm believer in continuing education. Your furbaby’s health and well-being are important to us.”  

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