Gordon Fowler


For every artist, there is a defining moment when a hobby moves to a passion—for Gordon Fowler that moment has continued to resonate with him. Starting as a stay-at-home dad who put together birdhouses in his free time, Fowler has grown his craft of wood turning into a full-time profession.

With an interest in building small pieces of furniture, Fowler took a class at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. There he met a friend of the family who was taking a class in wood turning and loaned him a spare lathe. Fowler returned to Arrowmont in 2000 and took his first woodturning class, and has continued to hone his skills. “I fell in love with the tool. Being able to take a junk piece of wood and turn it into something beautiful piece is just so cool.”

Fowler sources all his wood from Knoxville and surrounding communities. He is able to collect wood that is destined to be waste or firewood and turn it into something beautiful.

Presently he is working on a large pitcher and goblet series with an exploration of the theme of water and its life-giving aspects, alongside an exploration of symbolism of the circle. You can see his work at his studio at the Art Market Gallery, and you can also find him at the Harding Art Show in Nashville in May, the Annual Foothills Craft Guild Show, and Artsclamation.  

A selection of functional pieces can be purchased at his Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gfowlerwoodturning

  1. Tony Matteo says

    It would of been nice to show some of his work.

    1. Chelsie Hall says

      Hi Tony, thanks for your comment. We hope you enjoyed learning about the the artist. If you’d like to see other pieces other than the one Gordon is holding, you can see more of his work at artmarketgallery.net or on his Etsy shop. Enjoy!

  2. Tony Matteo says

    I will check it out as I am also a wood turner . Thank you

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