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Modern classic black interior with capitone brown leather chester sofa, floor lamp, coffee table, carpet, wood floor, mouldings. 3d render interior mock up.

Three Knoxville designers weigh in on what’s in, what’s out

If there’s anything that’s in during the time of COVID-19, it’s home. We’ve spent more time hunkered down there than we usually do, we’ve put time and money into DIY home improvement projects, we’ve worked there, attended class there, Zoomed there. And maybe we’re just a little bit sick of looking at the same furnishings inside the same four walls.

We asked three Knoxville-area designers for their thoughts on what’s in and what’s out in home decor as we head into 2021. A breath of fresh air, perhaps? Maybe you can use their ideas to breathe some into your home space.

Teresa Cicuzza | Knoxville Wholesale Furniture

What’s in: Open concept, casually elegant living spaces. This calls for large-scale art and accessories rather than the use of small items and groupings. The placement of furniture, rather than walls, defines separate living spaces. This has opened up a high demand for custom designed upholstered furniture with unique shapes to assist in defining the spaces.

When custom designing the upholstery, it is important to use a layering of textures and shapes for interest. The mixing of metals is now prevalent and highly desired. Gold lighting fixtures and hardware are definitely the in thing, while using silver or black metals throughout for contrast. With hardwood being the most desired flooring choice, rugs are a necessity! Rugs have now become art to make a personal statement in the overall design. What this all really boils down to is that your home should reflect your own personal style making your home as unique as you are.

What’s out: Small, formal mostly unusable rooms. The use of only one metal throughout the home. Small groupings of art and accessories.

Jennifer Wood | Mango’s Decor & Co.

Mongo's-Norwalk Furniture-Allegra-sofa-chairs_riley

What’s in: It is definitely hard for some to grasp but having unique pieces with complementary shapes and finishes is 100% okay in the design world. I like to compare it to it’s acceptable to wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day or yes you can place black and brown together. Times are changing and it’s fine to hop on board.

What’s out: One thing that I see so many people get stuck on that they can’t move past is identical furniture throughout a room. Having a bedroom, dining room, living room suit is a thing of the past.

Judy Gooch | Judy Gooch Interiors

What’s in: I am seeing many new homes under construction in east Tennessee, both traditional and contemporary designs, using black exterior and interior windows with light painted jambs, sills, and window trim. This trend seems new yet classic and timeless.

What’s out: Edison bulbs with their exposed filaments were all the rage a few years ago, meaning many fixtures were designed with clear glass globes to show them off. This trend seems to be fading as more fixtures are being shown with opaque or translucent glass or fabric shades. With brighter LED lights becoming the norm, softer light from a shaded lamp is less fatiguing to one’s eyes.   

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