Hosting the Holidays


Knoxville’s authorities on style and grace give their insight on how to make your home shine for your guests this season

As the season of merriment arrives, it’s one of the best times to play host to friends and family. We invited some local experts to offer insight into making this year’s holiday hosting the best yet. Because there’s nothing quite like decorating your home and inviting those you love to come enjoy it, too.

To start off, let your front porch be your inspiration. “I think the wreath is a great way to unite the outdoor with the indoor,” says Sam Franklin, local florist and expert holiday decorator. “Maybe it possesses the same kind of colors and elements that you may be decorating the inside of the house with so you kind of set that first tone as people arrive at your front door.” First impressions are everything, even at the holidays.

Fresh greenery when decorating brings that festive atmosphere in, but stay vigilant. “Live greenery in East Tennessee can dry out super fast,” Sam says. His fix? “Use artificial as a base, then tie live greenery in over the artificial so that it’s easier to remove when it looks dry and add more back.” Add flameless LED candles and strings of fairy lights in for some added pizazz.

Above all, make your Christmas decor work with your home, not the other way around. “When you have a beautiful item in your house, I’m a firm believer to not take it away and put plastic Christmas decorations in its place,” Sam says. Snippets of greenery, leftover ribbon, small miscellaneous items can be put to good use as accents on beautiful and classic pieces you already have out.

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