Incredible Appalachia


Travel Through Time at the Museum of Appalachia

John Rice Irwin founded his vision in 1969—a museum sought to ensure that Appalachian history would survive forever. Over the years, the museum continued to see more and more visitors, while portraying an authentic mountain farm and pioneer village. “It started as a man’s collection and turned into a passion,” says Rice’s granddaughter, Elaine Irwin Meyers. Today, the museum of Appalachia has grown substantially, presenting over 250,000 artifacts including folk art, musical instruments, Native American artifacts and much more. You can find all of these timeless treasures in their 3 multi-story exhibit buildings, with each floor featuring different points of interest.

Across the 65-acre property, you’ll see a recreated Appalachian community. The pioneer village comes complete with 35 individual log cabins, barns, free range farm animals and gardens as well. While traveling through the estate, expect to be engulfed in pioneer life and times and a culture that existed for hundreds of years. Museum of Appalachia offers self-guided tours for those who want to enjoy the exhibits at their own pace—making it a great spot for couples and small groups who wish to be on their own page.
The Museum of Appalachia is a great spot for all types of events. Grades with all ages are welcome to come appreciate a place in history. Annually, the property hosts hundreds of field trips and over 100,000 guests in total come every year. With a warm and welcoming ambience, this place seems to act as a time machine, taking you back centuries. It attracts adults and children alike to come and experience the Appalachia lifestyle ancestors before them had.

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