How to know when you’re ready to remodel


Spring is just around the corner and that means so many of us are beginning to think about our spring remodeling projects! If you fall into that category, here are some thoughts to consider before you get started, courtesy of Master Remodelers who presented at the Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show this year. Be sure your answers to the following questions are mostly yeses: 

Do you know what you want to accomplish and why? Some good reasons include being able to stay in a home you love; solving space issues; eliminating outdated or broken features; allowing you to age in place safely; and increasing the value of your home. 

Do you plan to stay in the home for a while? (If no, talk to your realtor about whether you would see a return on the investment.)

If it’s a DIY project, do you have the skills, the tools, the budget, the time, the patience, and a plan to deal with unexpected obstacles along the way? 

Have you planned and saved and prepared as best you can? 

Some Dos and Don’t to keep in mind if you move forward: 

  • DO have a budget in mind you can live with.
  • DO ask questions, communicate clearly and be honest with your contractor. 
  • DO expect to get what you pay for. Hire a professional, credentialed, licensed and insured contractor. 
  • DO be prepared for the unexpected.
  • DON’T call more than three contractors for bids. 
  • DON’T expect home improvement shows to equal real life. 
  • DON’T micromanage the contractor or tradespeople working on the job. And DON’T get in their way. 
  • DON’T cut corners or use substandard products to make your money go further. 
  • DON’T expect perfection. With supply chain challenges and labor shortages, things may not always run smoothly. Expect professionalism, not perfection. 

So if you’re looking to breath some new life into your home, start with the basics. And keep Cityview posted on your progress by tagging @cityview-magazine on Instagram.

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