The Littlest Cowboy


Steven Farmer recalls back when his diapered toddler, Jake, waddled around the yard sucking on a pacifier and tossing a lasso over a chair. “He’s been roping since he was about three days old,” Steven says with a laugh.

Fast forward to today, and at the ripe old age of 6, Jake is a fast-rising youth rodeo star in north Georgia. His family is kin to Knoxville’s Farmers who are featured in the preceding article. “When Joel and Carson got into rodeo, they came down here to our place and we helped them get going,” Steven Farmer says of the cousins.

Jake is in his first season competing in Rookie Dummy Roping at Georgia Junior Rodeo Association events. To say he’s doing well is an understatement. “He’s been in five rodeos so far and won first place in every one,” his dad says.

Young Jake comes by his prowess honestly. His granddad, Ed Farmer, still rides and ropes at age 74. “We have a long history of roping in our family, and that’s one of the reasons Jake likes to do it,” Steven says. “He eats, sleeps and breathes it.”

While the rodeo events where Jake competes involve static “dummy” targets, Steven is quick to note that “at home Jake ropes live steers off his mare.” That’s as real as it gets.

Jake’s roping future ought to shape up to be a bright one. What’s more, with the prize money he has already won—including $42 at a recent event—he might find himself picking up the tab for supper after the rodeo before he knows it.   

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