Video Is No Longer Optional

Keith Norris

By 2021, video will be responsible for 82% of the global Internet traffic, up from 73% just two years ago, according to networking giant Cisco. Almost everyone consumes some amount of internet video every day.

Recognizing this, Cityview has moved to serve the market in a new and innovative way—enhancing our print and online publications by offering video content to tell the stories of the people, organizations, and businesses that make Knoxville such a vibrant community.

With online consumption of video climbing, local businesses will find it beneficial to showcase their products and services using video.

Once upon a time, when the family gathered at a given time to watch their favorite show, it was accepted that they must endure commercials. But this isn’t how we watch video these days. Instead, we choose to consume video on demand at our leisure, and if our chosen stream is interrupted by an unwanted advertisement, we often move on. So, what is the new acceptable format?

At Cityview, we want to offer video that presents a story today’s viewer wants to watch: fresh, organic content that they can relate to as real and relevant, not overly polished advertisements that don’t reflect the nature of what the viewer came to see in the first place.

In that spirit, we proudly present Cityview TV, our new platform for presenting everything from informative, to editorial-style videos, documentaries, and social-media-style snippets.

We’re excited to bring real and relatable video to our readers, and to offer a variety of video formats to our advertisers. We’re uniquely positioned in this community to produce and deliver some amazing content.

I am looking forward to seeing this exciting new venture come to life as part of what we bring to the community. Give us a call if you are interested in having us video your story.

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