5 Facts About Early Voting


1. Forty-three states and the District of Columbia offer an option to vote early.

Delaware has enacted early voting but it will not be in place until 2022. Six states do not offer pre-Election Day in-person voting: Connecticut, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, and South Carolina,

2. The time period for early voting varies from state to state.

The date on which early voting begins may be as early as 45 days before the election, or as late as the Friday before the election.

3. Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia allow some weekend early voting. 

In Knox County, early voting is available on Saturdays.

4. Know what you’re voting on before you go.

Here’s a sample ballot for Knox County voters.

5. For more info about early voting in Knox County, go to https://www.knoxcounty.org/election/

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