5 Great Things to Do in July in East Tennessee


1. Savor some Cruze Farm ice cream.

Nothing says summertime like a cold, delicious ice cream cone. You can enjoy Knoxville’s own local brand at locations downtown and in East Knox County.

2. Soak up sunshine on the lake.

We have choices: Norris Lake, Watts Bar or Douglas; boating, beaching, or swimming. When it comes to water recreation, just grab the suncreen and go.

3. Pick up some local produce.

It’s time for a ‘mater sandwich and a fresh-picked ear of corn. Follow the link above to some local farmers markets.

4. Dine al fresco.

Whether it’s in your own backyard or on the patio of your favorite restaurant, a summer evening is a great time to relax over a meal.

5. Hike the higher elevations.

As the temps climb, climbing a mountain might be the solution to cooling off. Head to the Smokies and look up. Get some trail ideas at the link above.

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