5 Fun Things to Do This Weekend


1. Find a bargain at the SoKno Community Garage Sale.

The sale will be at the Sustainable Future Center at 201 Ogle Ave. There’s no entry fee and parking is next door at the Girls & Boys club at 522 Maryville Pike. 9am-1pm

2. Pick up some fresh veggies.

If you don’t have tomatoes and green beans from your own garden, enjoy the fruits of the season at the Market Square Farmers Market. Of course, you won’t find it on Market Square. It’s been moved during COVID to Mary Costa Plaza outside the Civic Auditorium / Coliseum, 500 Howard Baker Jr. Ave. From 9-10 am it’s open for the elderly and immune-compromised only; open until 1 pm for general public.

3. Learn about our past.

The Museum of East TN History is a great place to start. In addition to their enlightening permanent exhibits, they also are featuring Knoxville in the Jim Crow Era (did you know that unlike in most cities in the South, African Americans in Knoxville could vote, hold public office, serve as police officers, and sit on juries?) and Marching to Victory about ET’s role in voting for women. (And yes, we had a role). Admission is free on Sundays, when it’s open from 1-4pm.

4. Support some wildlife.

Zoo Knoxville, like lots of other organizations, has had some real challenges with attendance — and there are a LOT of mouths to feed there. Come visit them and support the lions and tigers and bears (and others!) that live there. Weekend hours are 9am-4pm. Admission ranges from $20 for adults to free for kids under 4.

5. Enjoy not having to work Monday.

This might call for Sunday evening cocktails. Or some steaks on the grill (with corn and tomatoes from the farmers market). However you choose, celebrate the last long weekend of the summer — safely, please.

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