5 Flowers to Grow for Beautiful Bouquets


1. Zinnias

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My personal favorite, zinnias come in lots of bright happy colors and a couple different varieties. Once they start blooming, they’ll provide cheery bouquets until frost.

2. Dahlias

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You can save dahlia tubers year to year by digging them up and storing them in the fall, or buy new! Choose a variety of sizes and heights, and be sure to stake them, as they grow up to 4 feet tall.

3. Sunflowers

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Nothing says summer like a bouquet of these golden beauties. Consider multi-stem varieties with slightly smaller blooms for cutting purposes.

4. Allium

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These striking springtime flowers grow from bulbs and make stunning fresh or dried arrangements. Some varieties grow blooms bigger than a softball.

5. Gladioli

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Gladioli form dramatic, tall blooms ideal for displaying in arrangements indoors.

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