5 Facts About the Harvest Moon


1. Shine on, Harvest Moon

This year’s Harvest Moon rises on Thursday, Oct. 1.

2. What’s a Harvest Moon anyway?

The closest full moon to the autumn equinox is the Harvest Moon.

3. And where’d that name come from?

According to earthsky.org, more than likely it was named by farmers who relied on its light to gather their fall crops as the days were shortening.

4. Is the Harvest Moon orange?

Nope. Unless you’re looking at it just as it’s rising, when the Earth’s atmosphere makes it appear orange in color.

5. This year, the Harvest Moon is the second-smallest full moon of the year. 

Because the moon’s orbit around Earth isn’t a perfect circle, the Harvest Moon’s distance from Earth – and apparent size – is different from year to year. 

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