5 Things About a Local Mask Auction

"Corona Corona" by Marianne Custer (made of leather, velvet, beads, and ribbon).

1. Dogwood Arts is hosting a virtual exhibit and auction of masks designed by local artists.

Mask-Produced includes 29 masks designed by artists that include Melissa Everett, Bryan Wilkerson, Mike Berry and Dale Mackey.

2. Proceeds from the auction will go to the Greater Knoxville GRACE Fund.

The GRACE Fund provides financial assistance to local arts and culture workers to meet basic needs.

3. The finished results are often surprising.

Materials used to create them include metal, leather, Swarovski Crystals, denim, animal bones, fabric, paint, glass, and a turtle shell.

4. Online bidding ends on Oct 9.

The auction offers something for everyone with prices starting at $30.

5. Check out the masks here.

And enter a bid here.

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