5 Things about Keep Knoxville Beautiful

Hands in yellow gloves picking up empty of bottle plastic into bin bag on asphalt, volunteer and purity concept. Enviromental protection.

1. Clean up!

The nonprofit encourages Knox-area communities to improve their quality of life through beautification and environmental stewardship.

2. Their stats are impressive.

In the past year, KKB efforts have collected 36,492 pounds of litter at 243 cleanups.

3. They also encourage recycling…

KKB offers a Recycling Trailer free of charge to anyone who wants to provide recycling at an event.

4. And beautify the landscape.

KKB organizes mass plantings and community beautification projects called “Beautification Mobs,” who build community spaces, plant flowers, bushes, and trees to improve a local landscape in a single day.

5. Want to get involved?

KKB is hosting a trash run on Oct. 1 and its regular Saturday Spruce Up on Oct. 17. Sign up to help here.

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