5 Garden Chores to Do in the Fall


1. Add compost.

Now’s a great time to add a couple inches of compost on the top of your garden beds. The soil has all winter to soak up those nutrients. Top it with a little mulch to prevent erosion.

2. Keep watering perennials during dry spells.

Shrubs, too; they’ll thank you for it later!

3. Dig up tender plants.

Dahlias, gladioli, cannas and elephant ears are among those that should be dug up and storied in a cool, dark spot until spring.

4. Turn off the outdoor water.

Disconnect hoses and irrigation systems and insulate the outdoor spigots.

5. Rake up or shred fallen leaves.

Leaves make great compost after they’ve had some time to decay, or use them as mulch after shredding them.

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