5 Green Resolutions from Keep Knoxville Beautiful


Keep Knoxville Beautiful published a recent blog about easy actions you can take for the environment in 2021. Read the complete article here. Here are five of their suggestions.

1. Recycle more.

Divert more waste from the landfill by composting, donating more items or repurposing items rather than tossing them.

2. Shop locally and seasonally.

Much of our grocery store foods travel a long way and use a lot of energy getting there. Shop more at local farmers’ markets, join a CSA, or shop at farmer-owned markets.

3. Buy second hand.

Anything you can buy used, from consignment clothes to cars, benefits the environment.

4. Eat less meat.

Raising enough animals to feed everyone meat multiple times a day is hard on the environment. Even if you can’t cut it out, maybe you can reduce how often you eat it.

5. Air dry your clothing.

And wash them on cold. That will save energy and reduce your electric bill — and extend the life of your clothing.

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