5 Fun Suggestions for a Quiet and Safe New Year’s Eve


1. Take a hike.

Nothing boosts the spirits like being outdoors. Pull on those hiking boots and hit a trail — or stay closer to home on one of our many greenways. Make it a family affair that could become a tradition!

2. Play a game.

Pull out your Monopoly board or Candyland if you have tikes, and spend some time having fun together. A jigsaw puzzle or a few rounds of cards can work the same magic.

3. Cook something scrumptious.

Whip up something that feels like a real treat. It doesn’t need to be fancy; Rice Krispie Treats would make my kids smile!

4. Watch a movie.

A batch of popcorn and a big screen TV are the next best thing to being in a movie theater.

5. Take a few minutes to be grateful.

Yes, it’s been a helluva year. But there have been blessings along the way — dedicated health care workers, stocked shelves in grocery stores, volunteer mask makers, and so much more. Don’t forget to feel blessed.

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