5 Ideas to End Procrastinating


We all have a tendency to put off the things we don’t want to do, whether it’s cleaning out the closet or having a tough conversation. A recent article on vice.com offered some ways to get past procrastination, including these five below. Don’t delay reading them and getting started!

1. Celebrate your accomplishments with a to-do list.

Check them off, and treat them as wins from your day. 

2. Is it lack of self-confidence holding you back?

Deal with that first by gathering all the information and resources you need, and you’ll lower your uncertainty and make it easier to get going.

3. If you’re avoiding something, figure out why.

Don’t be ashamed about your procrastination. Instead, ask, “Why am I having difficulty with this task?”

4. Ask for help.

Recognize that you’re not the first person to procrastinate, nor will you be the last.

5. And if procrastination is causing problems…

Chronic procrastination can be a symptom of anxiety disorders, depression, and ADHD; a mental health expert will be able to tell you more.

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