5 Garden Chores to Do Now


1. Cut back perennials.

Now’s a good time to cut back ornamental grasses, the old foliage on last year’s perennials and some shrubs. Not sure which ones? Google the best time to prune specific ones.

2. Be a friend to the birds.

When pickings are slim in shrubs and trees, put out some bird seed to help. And since bluebirds are already looking for a place to nest, clean out your birdhouses soon. 

3. Pull the weeds that are already flourishing.

During the winter, chickweed and wild onions like to sprout in garden beds. Use warm days to pull these out.

4. Give your garden beds a boost.

Add a top layer of compost to the garden beds this month. It adds more nutrients to the beds before planting.

5. Get ready to plant cool-season veggies.

It won’t be long before you can plant lettuces, spinach, peas and other cool-season vegetables outside. Get your plan in order!

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