Makers Gift Guide: for the Nature Lover

Root & Branch Paper Co.

Cityview wants to help you find perfect gifts — and support the local small business community — by sharing some creative gift ideas made by Knoxville area makers.

Over five weeks, we’re featuring suggestions for unique local wares. Some have appeared within Cityview’s pages, and others are new finds. This week we’re focusing on products for people who love the great outdoors. 

1. Lucy Lieu Co.: Coleen Hebert has loved jewelry since she was a kid, and she also loves plants and nature. She combined those passions when she started making botanical jewelry under the name Lucy Lieu Co. Hebert starts her process by collecting and pressing ferns and wildflowers and other snippets of greenery. Then she pours epoxy resin into a frame or bezel, adds the plant element and mounts her finished pieces in gold- or silver-plated brass jewelry — bracelets, pendants and earrings, which are sold locally at Bradley’s in West Knoxville and online at Read more about her in our story.

2. Root & Branch Paper Co.: Jessie Tyree Jenness launched Root & Branch Paper Co. in 2018 with appreciation for and wonder of the beauty of nature. She creates art prints, printed tapes, cards, notebooks and notepads. While drawing her inspiration from Mother Nature, she also uses recycled papers in her products and minimal plastics in packaging. She also supports environmental and social justice nonprofits with a portion of her sales. You can purchase from her website.

3. Shannon Deana Johnson: Shannon Deana Johnson creates mixed media paintings inspired by the shapes, textures and colors found in nature. Created from watercolor, acrylics and other media, her paintings have a contemporary vibe. She finds her inspiration in the Smokies and her own backyard. Frequently displayed around Knoxville at a variety of venues, her work can also be found online at her website

4. Ten Speed Tears: You can’t hide one of these retro-style teardrop travel trailers under the tree this year, but your favorite camper would love it if you could stash an IOU for a future one in a stocking! Hand-crafted locally by Richard Heishman, they are high-quality, lightweight and easily maintained. The birch and maple interior comes equipped with an organic five-inch-thick custom mattress, Read more about them and get contact info on his website

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