Mountain Wildflower Walk


It’s the perfect time to venture out in search of the wildflowers that cover East Tennessee. If you’re looking for a place to start and are on the hunt for a half day adventure that encompasses a variety of elevations, this one is for you. You’ll be sure to find wildflowers in varying stages of bloom throughout.

A little less than an hour south of Knoxville you will find Abrams Creek. This creek stretches for miles but an easy and less trafficked access point is the Abrams Creek Campground. From the campground you can access the Cooper Road Loop Trailhead which will bring you on a beautiful stroll along the water. It’s a long trail, but turning around at any point will still yield you sights and sounds worth the drive. Keep your eyes peeled for Trillium. They are stunning at any stage of bloom.

Back in the car, head along the Foothills Parkway toward Wears Valley. The sights are breathtaking, so be sure to stop and take in the view along the way. (When you arrive in Wears Valley, if you’re in need of a snack break, pop on by the National Park Market on the corner of US 321 and Line Springs Road for an ice cream cone.) Head to Metcalf Bottoms to continue your wildflower viewing.

Then make your way to The Sinks off of Little River Gorge Road for more wildflower viewing. There are a handful of trails that come off of the main parking area, but the Meigs Creek Trail is a winner for wildflowers of varying kinds.

Our final recommendation for your half day of wildflower walks would be making a stop in Tremont. Any of the trailheads prove fruitful for your wildflower hunt, but especially the Middle Prong Trail. Small waterfalls show up early along this trail, making for yet another visual combination worth the drive.

This is just a sampling of what is out there this time of year for wildflower viewing, but we hope it provides you with a starting point.

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