Top Chefs 2021


A Celebration of Culinary Artistry

The smell of fresh-baked muffins wafts out of the oven as I pull out a fresh batch. “Are they done, mama?” my four-year-old, Lincoln, asks as he patiently waits to taste his creation. Chocolate blueberry muffins. I have to admit, they smell divine. As I am shutting the oven, our publisher Nathan Sparks calls: “I’ve got an idea.”

This can only mean one thing: we’ve got a new project. And quite frankly, I’m always delighted to flesh out new concepts together. “We can’t meet in person for Top Chefs,” he tells me, “but what if we could still support our culinary friends this year?” My son’s eyes widen at the sight of his muffin cooling down. My toddler, Rylie, glances from him to the muffin and back again before reaching out yelling, “Eat!” I’m reminded of just how powerful an experience food can be, even at a young age. And as Nathan paints an image for me of his Top Chefs idea, I can almost taste the culinary masterpieces to come.

In a matter of days, we invite chefs across the community to send us their submissions for innovative entrees and decadent desserts. We then spend time in their restaurant kitchens, watching their artistry unfold as they craft culinary works from scratch.

The eight chefs and restaurants you see in this section gave it their all to showcase the best that Knoxville has to offer. In just six weeks, more than 1,000 Top Chefs specials were served, as you, our readers, dined and cast your ballots for your favorites. Our panel of celebrity judges also joined in on the fun, helping us spread the word by sharing their experiences through their platforms and casting their ballots alongside you. In addition, they were asked to rate their experiences in each restaurant.

Top Chefs has long been an opportunity to gather around the table, indulge in exceptional food, and celebrate our community. This year, while distinct in format, has been no different. I dare say, it has been more impactful. Thank you for joining us in support of this important local industry, as Cityview presents Top Chefs 2021: Restaurant Edition. If you enjoyed this year, you’ll be super excited to hear what we have planned next.

Entree Winners:

  1. Seasons
  2. Walnut Kitchen
  3. Kefi

Dessert Winners:

  1. Cazzy’s
  2. Seasons
  3. Vida

Experience Winners:

  1. Seasons
  2. Dancing Bear
  3. Bistro by the Tracks

2021 Chefs

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