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Patricia Nash  Crafted with the finest leather and tooled with great detail, designer Patricia Nash has built a company based on passion and high-quality. Nash’s interest in handbags piqued when she discovered an old purse belonging to her mother. The bag had been wrapped away in her closet for years, and she was stunned by how beautifully the leather had aged. This inspired her to create bags with a vintage feel, but designed for today’s women with better functionality.

Nash and her team draw inspirations from travels, memories, and motifs from around the world. “It can be architecture, it can be landscape…or it can be people,” Nash says. “We went to Cuba and were so full of inspiration when came back, whether it was from graffiti on the walls or just the spirit and passion of the people.” She has thousands of bags collected from various countries that she archives and later pulls out for inspiration when creating new lines.

Nash adds that you don’t have to travel far for inspiration. “Right in your backyard you can find something that inspires you. I found some really great tooled vintage bags outside of Murfreesboro at a trading post.”

In fall 2020, Patricia Nash Designs will celebrate their ten-year anniversary. The team is already brainstorming how to commemorate the milestone and are planning specials with several retailers. “We are developing a lot of vintage kind of throwback capsules exclusive for all of these retailers.”

Recently, the company launched footwear which Nash says was a real challenge. “You have to be an engineer. You have to be technically experienced to really create a shoe that fits well, that wears right, and is not too expensive.” Fortunately, they were able to work with great partners who have been in the industry for years.  

In addition, they began a jewelry line in March 2019. “I got my inspiration from a lot of old-world coins and compasses and things that make you think about travel.”

When asked what is the secret to designing a great handbag, Nash says it needs to be authentic and thoughtful. “You have to make sure it’s unique. It’s yourself; it’s something that would trigger an emotional response, but also be that workhorse.”

It is evident in all of her collections that Patricia Nash pays attention to every detail and prides herself on the best craftsmanship. Her lines and stores that carry her products can be viewed at patricianashdesigns.com. Locally, you can visit her flagship store at 1132 N. 6th Avenue.

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