5 Things to Know about Free Trees on Saturday


1. Brought to you by Keep Knoxville Beautiful and Trees Knoxville

Keep Knoxville Beautiful and Trees Knoxville have teamed up for a Seedling and Sapling Giveaway. They have 300 oak trees that need a home.

2. From 9 am to noon Saturday

Please stay in your car when you arrive and your oak trees will be handed to you. Trees will be given away in bunches of two. You may have up to four bunches.

3. Head to the Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum

The address is 2649 Boyds Bridge Pike. You’ll want to drive to the Mule Barn once you’re there.

4. Two kinds of trees will be offered

Chestnut Oak: Good for ridgetops. It does well in rocky soil and dry habitats. 60-70 feet tall at maturity. 130-140 feet tall when grown in good conditions. 60-70ft spread. 10-year-old sapling in full sun would be about 16 feet tall. This tree needs plenty of space. Do not plant under power lines!

White Oak: Long-lived oak. 200-300 years. 80-100 feet tall at maturity with a massive canopy. 20-50 years to produce acorns, but more like 50-100 years. Full sun to partial shade. Deep, moist, and well-drained soil. Do not plant under power lines!

5. Think safety, please

For your safety and the safety of volunteers, please wear a mask when you come to pick up the trees.

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