Best of the Best 2017


Each year, as we get more and more interest in Best of the Best, and as more businesses vie for top position, new winners emerge. This year saw an explosion in both number of votes and changes in first place. In 61 categories, voters crowned a new champion, an amazing turn of events.

Additionally, with the advent of electronic voting, coupled with voters required to vote in a minimum number of categories, we have virtually eliminated ballot box stuffing.

We want to give our readers a true Best of the Best. With the number of votes and efforts to eliminate over-voting, we’re proud of our results and our winners.

This year, we’d like to celebrate one of our first-time, first-place winners. Although he has previously won best stylist, with Grow, Shane Archer has pulled an upset to win Best Salon.  In just over ten years, he matured from high school graduate to owner of one of Knoxville’s top salons. The fascinating story of transitioning from a high school graduate to owner of one of Knoxville’s top salons in just over ten years is a story we know you’ll want to hear. We thought you’d like to hear it.

Archer knew his calling from an early age: “I remember going to the beauty parlor with my grandma and my mom when I was younger,” he says, “and we would sit in the corner with a glass-bottled Coke from the machine, and these old women would come in looking haggard and awful, and you could tell that they were there to make themselves feel pretty, and when they left they looked and felt like a whole different person.” That’s when Archer established an aesthetic that would govern his personal and professional life: “It is so cool to have the ability to like touch people on that level.” Then he decided to do just that.

Archer’s journey to establish Grow started in the most inauspicious of ways: by being fired from his first salon job. After graduating from cosmetology school in 2008, he worked at Ross the Boss, who recruited him fresh out of school. He notes that he was in a way excited when they terminated him. “I know that sounds strange,” Archer says, “but I knew that is not where I wanted to be long term.”

As Shane tells it, at the end of a busy Saturday at the Turkey Creek location, he was asked to “talk” with Ross Badget, Jr. (the son of the eponymous salon’s founder) and with the salon coordinator. He assumed that he might be promoted to have his own station at the salon, having been a “floater” up to that point. Instead, “He sat me down, and he was like, ‘there’s been some things and stuff going on, and you’ve been voted off the island’.” Archer then assumed he was being moved to another store. But no; he was being terminated, told that he didn’t mesh well with others and that his lifestyle had “a little bit to do with it.”

When Shane had his exit interview with the founder he asked him, “Did you fire me for being gay?” Archer recalls that Ross said, “I don’t have to answer that. Tennessee is a right to work state. I could fire you for wearing a purple shirt if I wanted to.” Archer has never forgotten that, and for every interview he did at every salon after, he wore a purple shirt.

When he moved on to Hairpeace, he told the owner Ethan Brewer that “My goal is to one day do my own thing. I told him my story and that I felt really strongly about owning my own salon. And he kind of joked and said, ‘Well maybe I’ll sell you this one one day’.”

Archer praises Brewer for helping him develop his artistry. “He allowed me to do a lot of things like become a educator for a product company instead of being there every single day.” And so Shane developed skills in another area of the industry. He continues to be a national educator for a product line he uses at Grow—he has chosen it because “of its eco-stance and general awesomeness.” He travels around the country on the weekends to teach classes in other salons.

“Ethan gave me the opportunity to train under him and some very successful hair stylists,” Archer continues. “He gave me a launching pad—kind of like a springboard—to get me where I am. I’m grateful for that.”

When Archer was ready to open his own place, he just went for it. He has some definite opinions on and insights into the salon industry. “I decided to do my own thing, he says, “because I witnessed things in other salons that I liked and didn’t like.” He chose to make it a place where stylists love to work—“at the end of the day we’re artists,” Shane says, “and if you don’t like what you do it’s going to come out in your work, and your work will suffer, your clientele will suffer, and without them you have nothing.” He envisioned a workplace that felt inclusive instead of exclusive.

“A lot of salons build, or try to build, loyalty to their brand instead of to their stylists,” Shane notes, “so if the stylist ever leaves, then the salon still keeps the clients—keeps the money. Whereas I am of a different philosophy. I am very upfront with my stylists. The whole point is to empower them to be the best that they can be.” Archer says that he can’t stand when an owner attempts to build loyalty to the salon instead of the stylist.  “They’re not your clients. They’re the stylist’s clients,” he asserts.

He designed Grow to make every single person, both worker and client, part of the conversation. He wanted a place that felt like home, wanted it to be a place that was warm and inviting. Exemplary of this are the coffee bar in the waiting area and a color bar where, “instead of sitting in front of a mirror gazing at yourself looking like a crazy person with foils hanging everywhere and color on your eyebrows, you can sit and work on your laptop or eat lunch or talk to someone across the table.” He relies on the word “community” to describe Grow. Indeed, one of his favorite stories is about how two women who were neighbors didn’t meet until they were together in the salon. Now, they’re friends. And most of what you see in the salon supports community as well: the candles, the music, the art, the jewelry, and the coffee are all local.

Naming the salon was an important process. While he wanted to keep his name out of it and craft something simple, positive, and uplifting, multiple professionals told him that he should have his name in it as well. They compromised.

And so his creation became Grow: A Shane Archer Concept. While he wanted it to be a happy name that evoked an emotion, he also wanted people to think about what the name meant to them. And he wanted to grow his staff, their and the salon’s clientele, and the community. As Archer says, “we just want Grow to keep growing. I just want to do everything different than any other salon is doing.” Apparently, the name is serving him well.

There are similar success stories throughout this year. We hope you enjoy our presentation of Knoxville’s Best of the Best.

Around Town


  1. Knoxville Area Rescue
  2. Ministries (KARM)
  3. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
  4. Young-Williams Animal Center

Children’s Party Destination

  1. Zoo Knoxville
  2. JumpJam Trampoline Park
  3. Ijams Nature Center

Dance Club

  1. Cotton Eyed Joe
  2. Hanna’s
  3. Sassy Ann’s

Event Venue

  1. Tennessee Theatre
  2. The Standard
  3. The Mill & Mine

Bar/Game Night/Trivia

  1. Aubrey’s
  2. Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria
  3. Mellow Mushroom

Kids’ Camp

  1. Tate’s Day Camp
  2. Zoo Knoxville
  3. Camp Ba Yo Ca


  1. Concord Marina
  2. Sequoyah Marina
  3. Fort Loudon Marina

Outdoor Adventure

  1. Ijam’s Nature Center
  2. Zoo Knoxville
  3. River Rat

Patio – Urban

  1. Aubrey’s
  2. Balter Beerworks
  3. Calhoun’s on the River

Patio – Waterfront

  1. Lakeside Tavern
  2. Calhoun’s on the River
  3. Sweet P’s Barbeque & Soul House

Small Music Venue

  1. Open Chord
  2. Scruffy City Hall
  3. Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria

Touring Service

  1. Knox Brew Tours
  2. Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours
  3. Knoxville Tours

Wedding Venue

  1. The Pavillion at Hunter Valley Farm
  2. Blackberry Farm
  3. The Standard

Art & Music

Body Artist

  1. Sarah Hurst – Vivid Tattoo
  2. Dale Johnson – Mythical Markings Tattoo Studio
  3. Jon Goad – Born This Way Body Arts

Body Art Studio – Piercing

  1. Born This Way Body Arts
  2. Saint Tattoo
  3. Alter Ego Tattoo

Body Art Studio – Tattoo

  1. Born This Way Body Arts
  2. Saint Tattoo
  3. Mythical Markings

Local Actor

  1. Johnny Knoxville
  2. David Keith
  3. Quentin Tarantino

Local Actress

  1. Dolly Parton
  2. Dale Dickey
  3. Megan Fox

Local Americana Band

  1. The Black Lillies
  2. The Chillbillies
  3. 10 Years

Local Blues Band

  1. Kitty Wampus
  2. The Dirty Dougs
  3. Crawdaddy

Local Painter – Abstract

  1. Zach Searcy
  2. Curtis Glover
  3. Dawn Hawkins

Local Painter – Landscape

  1. Robert A. Tino
  2. Jim Gray
  3. Kathie Odom

Local Painter – Portrait

  1. Bobbie Crews
  2. Ammi Knight
  3. Shari Ford
  4. Victor Costantino

Local Printer

  1. Printedge
  2. Graphic Creations
  3. Nothing Too Fancy

Local Rock Band

  1. 10 Years
  2. Pop Rox
  3. The Black Lillies
  4. Kitty Wampus

Local Singer / Songwriter – Female

  1. Emily Ann Roberts
  2. Dolly Parton
  3. Kelsea Ballerini

Local Singer / Songwriter – Male

  1. Chris Blue
  2. Kenny Chesney
  3. Erick Baker

Local Visual Artist – Abstract

  1. Zach Searcy
  2. Rucker Wells
  3. Rob St. Clair
  4. Richard Jolley



  1. Frank’s Barbershop
  2. Jerry’s Barbershop
  3. Western Plaza Barber Shop


  1. Pure Luxe
  2. Grow
  3. Avada

Hair Colorist

  1. Shane Archer – Grow
  2. Belinda Gambuzza – Salon Visage
  3. Kip Allen – Salon Visage

Hair Removal – Laser

  1. Ideal Image
  2. Skin Wellness
  3. Spa Visage

Hair Removal – Wax

  1. European Wax Center
  2. Spa Visage
  3. Grow

Hair Salon

  1. Grow
  2. Salon Visage
  3. Belleza Salon and Spa

Hair Stylist

  1. Shane Archer – Grow
  2. Janet Williams – Sola Salon Studios
  3. Frank Gambuzza – Salon Visage

Makeup Artist

  1. Rachel Archer – Grow
  2. Kevin McCullough – Salon Visage
  3. Blair Griffin – Beauty by Blair


  1. Soho Nails
  2. Dynasty Nail Spa
  3. Casablanca Nail Bar


  1. Spa Visage
  2. Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa
  3. Belleza Salon and Spa

Tanning Salon

  1. Sun Tan City
  2. Beach Bums Tanning Salon
  3. Josie’s Boutique & Salon

Correction: In the hair stylist category of both our print and online magazine, we initially and inadvertently located Frank Gambuzza in the incorrect salon.


Americana Restaurant

  1. Aubrey’s
  2. Litton’s
  3. Lakeside Tavern

Asian Restaurant

  1. Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse
  2. Taste of Thai
  3. Nama Sushi Bar


  1. Magpies Bakery
  2. VG’s Bakery
  3. Ham’N Goodys


  1. Balter Beerworks
  2. Downtown Grille & Brewery
  3. Aubrey’s

Barbeque Restaurant

  1. Dead End BBQ
  2. Full Service BBQ
  3. Sweet P’s Barbeque & Soul House

Bartender – Female

  1. Kim Long – Wild Wing Cafe
  2. Jessica Brown – Two Doors Down
  3. Jaclyn Burdette – The Edge

Bartender – Male

  1. Morgan Pope – Wild Wing Cafe
  2. John Snow – The Edge
  3. Joe – Downtown Bar & Grille

Bearden Restaurant (Lyons View to Morrell)

  1. Dead End BBQ
  2. Calhoun’s
  3. Bistro by the Tracks

Beer Selection

  1. Casual Pint
  2. Bearden Beer Market
  3. Carolina Ale House


  1. First Watch
  2. Pete’s
  3. Sami’s Café

Brunch Restaurant

  1. Lakeside Tavern
  2. Copper Cellar
  3. Tupelo Honey Cafe


  1. The Stock & Barrel
  2. Litton’s
  3. Stock Burgers

Business Lunch

  1. Aubrey’s
  2. Brown Bag
  3. Lakeside Tavern

Caterer – Party – Takeout/Delivery

  1. Brown Bag
  2. Bradford Catered Events
  3. All Occasion Catering

Caterer – Party – Full-Service

  1. Bradford Catered Events
  2. All Occassion Catering
  3. Buddy’s Bar-B-Q Custom Catering

Caterer – Wedding

  1. All Occassion Catering
  2. Bradford Catered Events
  3. Calhoun’s/Copper Cellar Banquet & Catering

Cedar Bluff Restaurant

  1. Altruda’s
  2. Taste of Thai
  3. Aubrey’s

Coffee Shop

  1. Honeybee Coffee
  2. K Brew
  3. Vienna Coffee House


  1. Magpies Bakery
  2. GiGi’s Cupcakes
  3. Nothing Bundt Cakes


  1. Nixon’s Deli
  2. Sam & Andy’s Restaurant
  3. Brown Bag

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

  1. Tomato Head – Market Square
  2. Aubrey’s
  3. Balter Beerworks

Downtown Restaurant

  1. Downtown Grill & Brewery
  2. Stock & Barrel
  3. Tupelo Honey

East Restaurant

  1. Louis’ Drive-In Restaurant
  2. Aubrey’s
  3. Chandler’s Deli

First Date Restaurant

  1. Melting Pot
  2. Lakeside Tavern
  3. Calhoun’s On the River

Food Truck

  1. Cruze Farm
  2. Savory and Sweet
  3. Forks on the Road

Happy Hour

  1. Downtown Grill & Brewery
  2. Balter Beerworks
  3. Aubrey’s

Ice Cream

  1. Cruze Farm
  2. Coolato Gelato
  3. Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain

Italian Restaurant

  1. Altruda’s
  2. Naples
  3. Savelli’s

Local Dessert

  1. Litton’s
  2. Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop
  3. Cruze Farm

Local Meat and Three

  1. Chandler’s
  2. Wright’s Cafeteria
  3. Jackie’s Dream


  1. Chez Guevara
  2. Babalu Tacos and Tapas
  3. Cancun Mexican restaurant

Mexican Restaurant

  1. Chez Guevara
  2. Pelancho’s Mexican Grill
  3. Casa Don Gallo

North Restaurant

  1. Litton’s
  2. Central Flat’s & Taps
  3. Aubrey’s


  1. Big Ed’s Pizza
  2. Hard Knox Pizzeria
  3. Pizza Palace


  1. Chesapeake’s
  2. Shrimp Dock
  3. Shuck Raw Bar & Grill

South Restaurant

  1. Ye Olde Steakhouse
  2. Sweet P’s Barbeque & Downtown Dive
  3. SoKno Taco Cantina


  1. Nama Sushi Bar
  2. Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse
  3. Sushi Spot

Vegetarian Menu

  1. Tomato Head
  2. Sunspot
  3. Yassin’s Falafel House

West/Farragut Restaurant

  1. Lakeside Tavern
  2. Conner’s Steak & Seafood
  3. Taste of Thai

Wine List

  1. Water Into Wine
  2. Drink. The Wine Dive
  3. Blackberry Farm



  1. Abbey Hudson
  2. Mary Jackson
  3. Katie Anderson


  1. Amanda Cummings – Starbucks
  2. Aaron Kirby – Honeybee West
  3. Meg Parrish – Old City Java


  1. Brown Chiropractic
  2. Apple Health & Wellness
  3. Michael Petty

Cosmetic Dentist

  1. Buzz Nabers DDS
  2. Harold Silber DDS
  3. Kristi Newton DDS

Event DJ

  1. Jim Ogle, Ogle Entertainment
  2. DJ Stan Duh Man
  3. Corey Ozair – Music in Motion
  4. DJ Sterl the Pearl (Sterling Henton)

Family Dentist

  1. Buzz Nabers DDS
  2. Harold Silber DDS
  3. Gary Chesney DDS

House Painter

  1. McLain’s Painting
  2. CertaPro Painters
  3. Obregon Painting

Interior Designer

  1. Todd Richesin Interiors
  2. Shae Design Studio
  3. Wolfgang Interiors

Local Meteorologist

  1. Todd Howell
  2. Matt Hinkin
  3. Mike Witcher

Local Politician

  1. Tim Burchett
  2. Madeline Rogero
  3. Bill Haslam

Local Radio DJ

  1. Marc & Kim
  2. Andy & Alison
  3. Hallerin Hilton Hill

Local Radio Talk-Show Host

  1. Hallerin Hilton Hill
  2. Marc & Kim
  3. Andy & Alison

Local TV News Anchor

  1. Abby Ham
  2. Robin Wilhoit
  3. Russell Biven

Massage Therapist – Female

  1. Kay Kay Smith at Longevity Massage Specialists
  2. Kelly Marie (Mitchell) at Longevity Massage Specialist
  3. Jill Collins at Tennova Health and Fitness

Massage Therapist – Male

  1. Travis Jackson at Longevity Massage Specialists
  2. Aaron Searcy
  3. Barclay Graves at Spa Visage


  1. Barry Winston
  2. Brent Frye
  3. Blake Rust


  1. Christopher O’Rourke
  2. James Pickering
  3. Andy Turner

Personal Trainer – Female

  1. Sarah Van Sickle
  2. Christy Phelps
  3. Shea Sims

Personal Trainer – Male

  1. Russell Scales
  2. Britton Leitch
  3. Johnny Davis

Photographer – Commercial

  1. Bruce McCamish
  2. Colby McLemore
  3. JoPhoto

Photographer – Portrait, Female

  1. Sarah McAffry
  2. Tracie Ancelet
  3. Hannah Davis

Photographer – Portrait, Male

  1. John Black
  2. Colby McLemore
  3. Joe Atkins at JoPhoto

Photographer – Wedding, Female

  1. Tracie Ancelet
  2. Kathleen at JoPhoto
  3. Leah Bullard

Photographer – Wedding, Male

  1. Joe at JoPhoto
  2. John Black
  3. Jason Messing at Juicebeats Photography

Physical Therapist

  1. Knoxville Orthopedic
  2. BenchMark Physical Therapy
  3. UT Physical Therapy

Plastic Surgeons

  1. E. Edward Breazeale Jr.
  2. Tom Gallaher
  3. David B. Reath

Realtor – Commercial, Female

  1. Laura Bailey
  2. Maribel Koella
  3. Laura Slyman

Realtor – Commercial, Male

  1. Justin Bailey
  2. Jay Cobble
  3. Lucas Haun

Realtor – Residential, Female

  1. Laura Bailey
  2. Sharon Bailey
  3. Rhonda Vineyard

Realtor – Residential, Male

  1. Lucas Haun
  2. Justin Bailey
  3. Cole Edwards


  1. Dr. Jim Butler
  2. Dr. Nathan Butler
  3. Dr. Stephanie Hickey

Yoga Instructor – Female

  1. Sandy Larson – Sandsation Yoga
  2. Emily Hildreth – Real Hot Yoga
  3. Jill Bartine – Breezeway Yoga Studio

Yoga Instructor – Male

  1. Philip Clift – Renegade Yoga Center
  2. Gary Runyon – Real Hot Yoga
  3. Randy Rainey – Blue Ridge Yoga

Schools & Education


  1. Tate’s School
  2. Grace Baptist
  3. Nanny’s Child Care


  1. Tate’s School
  2. Grace Christian Academy
  3. West Hills Baptist

Private Elementary School

  1. Grace Christian Academy
  2. Webb School of Knoxville
  3. Christian Academy of Knoxville

Private Middle School

  1. Webb School of Knoxville
  2. Grace Christian Academy
  3. Christian Academy of Knoxville

Private High School

  1. Webb School of Knoxville
  2. Christian Academy of Knoxville
  3. Grace Christian Academy

Tutoring Service

  1. Sylvan Learning Center
  2. Emerald Youth Foundation
  3. Huntington Learning Center

Stores & Services

Antique Store – Furniture

  1. Bearden Antique Mall
  2. Mid Mod Collective
  3. Clinton Antique Mall

Antique Store – Memorabilia

  1. Nostalgia
  2. Becca’s Attic
  3. Chintzy Rose

Architect – Commercial

  1. BarberMcMurry Architects
  2. Michael Brady, Inc.
  3. McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Inc.

Architect – Residential

  1. Jonathan Miller
  2. Holly Williams
  3. Cara Knapp

Assisted Living

  1. NHC Farragut
  2. Morning Pointe
  3. Arbor Terrace

Auto Mechanic

  1. Mike Human at Human’s BP
  2. Jim Phibbs – Phibbs Auto Servie
  3. Bao Bui – Bao Auto Repair

Auto Repair Shop

  1. Matlock Tire
  2. Fisher Tire
  3. Halls Service Center

Banking – Business

  1. ORNL Federal Credit Union
  2. Regions
  3. Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union

Banking – Personal

  1. Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union
  2. ORNL Federal Credit Union
  3. First Tennessee Bank

Bicycle Shop

  1. Cedar Bluff Cycles
  2. Greenlee’s Bicycle Shoppe
  3. Bike Zoo

Boat Dealership

  1. American Boat Center
  2. Alcoa Good Times
  3. Travis Marine

Body Shop

  1. Joe Neubert Collision Centers
  2. Walker’s Collision Repair
  3. ABRA Auto Body & Glass

Boutique Store

  1. Josie’s Boutique & Salon
  2. Spoiled Rotten Boutique
  3. Reap the Sew Boutique

Bridal Shop

  1. White Lace & Promises
  2. Wedding Wonderland
  3. Bella Boutique

Cabinet Shop/Dealer

  1. Dixie Kitchen
  2. Kitchen Sales
  3. Knox Rail Salvage

Car Dealership – Domestic

  1. Beaty Chevrolet
  2. Ted Russell Ford
  3. Rice Buick GMC

Car Dealership – Import

  1. Harper Auto Square
  2. Rusty Wallace Honda
  3. Fox Toyota Clinton

Cleaning Service – Home

  1. Merry Maids
  2. The Clean Authority
  3. Two Maids & A Mop

Cleaning Service – Commercial

  1. Coverall
  2. Jani-King
  3. Duncan & Sons

Compounding Pharmacy

  1. Volunteer Pharmacy
  2. Belew Drugs
  3. P3 Compounding Pharmacy

Computer Repair

  1. Computer Depot
  2. Geek Squad/Best Buy
  3. Apple Store

Consignment Shop

  1. Repeat Boutique
  2. Consign to Design
  3. Planet Xchange

Contractor – Flooring

  1. Broadway Carpets
  2. David’s Abbey Carpet & Floors
  3. Frazier’s Carpet One Floor & Home

Contractor – Landscape

  1. Earthadelic
  2. Volunteer Lawn
  3. Proscapes Lnadscape Design Group

Contractor – New Construction

  1. McCamy Construction
  2. Smithbuilt Homes
  3. Johnson & Galyon Construction

Contractor – Outdoor Living Space

  1. Earthadelic
  2. McCamy Construction
  3. Prime Renovations

Contractor – Pool

  1. Campbell’s Pool & Spa
  2. Aurora Pool Spa & Billiard
  3. Quality Pools of Knoxville

Contractor – Remodeling

  1. McCamy Construction
  2. Earthadelic
  3. Prime Renovations


  1. Jerry Tipton
  2. Pugh CPA’s
  3. Lawhorn CPA Group

Credit Union

  1. Knoxville TVA Employee Credit Union
  2. ORNL Federal Credit Union
  3. Y-12 Credit Union

Dry Cleaner

  1. Prestige Cleaners
  2. Farragut Cleaners
  3. Crown Cleaners

Eyeglasses Shop

  1. Winston Eye & Vision Center
  2. The Eye Group
  3. Luttrell’s Eyewear

Fitness Center

  1. Planet Fitness
  2. National Fitness Center
  3. YMCA


  1. Crouch Florist
  2. Petree’s Flowers Inc.
  3. Lisa Foster Floral Design

Furniture Store – Home

  1. Knoxville Wholesale Furniture
  2. O.P. Jenkins
  3. Bliss Home

Furniture Store – Office

  1. Office Furniture Outfitters
  2. A&W Supply Inc.
  3. Office Works LLC

Gun Store

  1. Buds Gun Shop & Range
  2. Harvey’s Pistol & Pawn
  3. Gunny’s Range and Guns

Health Food Store

  1. Eddie’s Health Shoppe
  2. Three Rivers Market
  3. Go Nutrition

Home Health Care

  1. East TN Children’s Hospital Home Health Care
  2. Amedisys Home Helath Care
  3. Covenant Home Health Care

Insurance Agent

  1. Jerold Johnson – Senior Financial Group
  2. Drew Griggs – State Farm
  3. Cindy Doyle – State Farm

IT Provider

  1. WOW!
  2. The IT Company
  3. Geeks for Less

Jewelry Store

  1. Markman’s
  2. Kimball’s Jewelers
  3. Rick Terry Jewelry Designs

Landscape Architect

  1. Sara Hedstrom – Hedstrom Design
  2. Dale Madden – Earthadelic
  3. Stephen Hackney – Stephen Hackney Landscape Architecture

Men’s Clothing

  1. M.S. McClellan
  2. Jos. A. Bank
  3. John H. Daniel

Mortgage Company

  1. Mortgage Investors Group
  2. ORNL Federal Credit Union
  3. Movement Mortgage

Motorcycle Dealership

  1. Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson
  2. Harley-Davidson of Knoxville
  3. Tommy’s Motorsports

Nutrition Store

  1. Eddie’s Health Shop
  2. Three Rivers Market
  3. Complete Nutrition

Package Store

  1. Bob’s Liquor & Wine Store
  2. McScrooge’s Wine & Spirits
  3. Ashe’s Wine & Spirits

Pet Boarding

  1. Butler Animal Clinic
  2. Catatoga Kennels
  3. All Kreatures

Pet Groomer

  1. Foxy Locks Pet Grooming
  2. Doggone Pretty
  3. Bark Place Grooming

Pet Store

  1. Agri Feed Pet Supply
  2. River Dog Bakery
  3. CitiFid-o


  1. Cedar Bluff Plumbing
  2. Scott’s Plumbing
  3. Hiller Plumbing

Security System

  1. HIS Security
  2. SafeT Systems
  3. Protection 1 Security Solutions

Small Gym

  1. CrossFit Knoxville
  2. Orange Theory
  3. Workout Anytime

Sporting Goods Store

  1. River Sports Outfitters
  2. Uncle Lem’s Outfitters
  3. Tennessee Sporting Goods


  1. Sandra G’s Alterations
  2. Prestige Cleaners
  3. Quality Alterations

Wedding Planner

  1. The Pavillion at Hunter Valley Farm
  2. Margaret Claire’s Weddings & Events
  3. Stressless Weddings by Megan

Women’s Clothing

  1. Josie’s Boutique & Salon
  2. Altar’d State
  3. Est8te

Yoga Studio

  1. Real Hot Yoga
  2. The Glowing Body
  3. Barre3
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      Go to and request a ballot. Thank you for participating!

  2. April D Heatherly says

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