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September October 2020

Do It For the Chicks

Rowing is a non-impact sport that you can enjoy your whole life Several years ago, I had the opportunity to row a “double” with Olympic silver medalist Tom Kiefer. I was relatively new to the sport; needless to say, I was intimidated

Blessing Boxes

Give what you can -- take what you need One cold day in January I called a meeting to see what our law firm could do for the community in the coming year. Over my 40+ years in business I have learned that one of the most important

RJ Young

Technology Solutionsfor a Fast-Changing World The world has seen a great many earth-shattering changes over the last six months, changes that have forced companies to transform many of their operational processes. Safety and

Hang Tough

Arts organizations will emerge from pandemic stronger—with help from friends I’m grateful for this opportunity to write about the future of museums and cultural institutions in the age of COVID-19. Of course, I speak from my narrow

Only a Pawn

Civil rights history lesson enforces tragedy of racism Medgar Evers, born on July 2, 1925, in Decatur, Mississippi, grew up on a small farm, attended a segregated school, and earned a high school diploma. At 18, he enlisted in the U.S.