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Life is Messy

Acupuncture treatment refocuses energy on positivity and love Recently, I married and began the transition process from being one to being a couple trying to operate as one unit. As my new husband and I navigated the holidays, where to


Kids Say the Darnedest Thing Remember Art Linkletter? Now, that’s aname many have not heard in a long time. For the younger crowd, Linkletter was a host in the early days of television. He hada great talent for interviewing children and

Wild Game

Mountain recollections include a special dinner with the neighbors In 1950, my father traded a new Ford and $400 to Newt Ogle for a lot on the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River in the Emerts Cove community of Sevier County.

Livin’ Lean

Looking for lighter fare at local restaurants? Look no further It’s January, and if 2020 had the impact on your waistline that it did on lots of others’, you may be ready to climb on the resolutions bandwagon with the rest of us. But