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May June 2021

Top Chefs 2021

A Celebration of Culinary Artistry The smell of fresh-baked muffins wafts out of the oven as I pull out a fresh batch. “Are they done, mama?” my four-year-old, Lincoln, asks as he patiently waits to taste his creation. Chocolate

Sweet Serenity

Bridgemore home combines bold statement pieces and a neutral palette to create one couple’s dream home after kids A distinct barrel-vaulted ceiling with herringbone brickwork brought a couple’s heart-of-the-home kitchen together. But

To Bear Arms

The arguments surrounding Tennessee’s newConstitutional Carry legislation When I was a kid, my friends and I played ‘army,’ fighting World War II around the houses and nearby jungle-like terrain of Merritt Island, Florida. We

Travis Marine

Connecting The Region to Tennessee Waterways Located at mile marker 626.8 on Fort Loudoun Lake, Travis Marine is Knoxville’s oldest on-water sales and service boat dealership. “When our technicians need to diagnose a problem or confirm

Fighting Fraud

How resourceful scammers are stripping citizens of millions and what you can do about it  When Cityview publisher Nathan Sparks spoke with his mother recently, she was surprised to hear that everything was OK. Not long before she

Grocery Gamble

Navigating nutrition requires attention and a commitment to better choices A trip to the grocery store is a veritable stew of decision-making. Broccoli or beans for dinner. Fresh or frozen fruit. Wheat, white, or rye bread. Beef or